Moon Beams Bar Soap


Cassia, Jasmine, Lemon, olive oil, shea butter, almond oil, coconut butter.

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At Dreams of Thayer Forest we make all natural premium handcrafted, small batch luxury soaps. Made with loving care, using no synthetic fragrances, sls, parabens or sulfates. We use only the finest essential oils. The base of our soaps are the best of all natural moisturizing and nourishing butters and oils.

  • Moon Beams Bar Soap is another of our single batch hand crafted soaps lovingly made in our Thayer Forest. Cassia, a cousin to cinnamon has a much more pronounced aroma and spicy nature. Going back to references in Biblical times, Cassia was used as an anointing which is credited with soothing the mind and promoting emotional well being. Moon Beams Bar Soap also has Jasmine essential oils in it. Jasmine is often used to reduce stress and improve skin health. Lemon oil is infused into the Moon Beams Bar Soap for it’s fresh scent. But, Lemon oil also has purifying and anti bacterial agents that help cleanse the skin. Lemon oil also is a mild exfoliant that can help your skin have a healthy looking glow. Olive oil is used in the Moon Beams Bar Soap as well to serve as a moisturizing base. The we add Shea butter to the soap to give it immediate softness and smoothness. Shea butter also has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor promoting compounds that are good for skin health. Moon Beams incorporates Almond oil as well. The Almond oil has Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Omega-3 fatty acids which all provide better skin health. As well, Almond oil  is loaded with antioxidants and Magnesium that add to brightness and radiance of the skin. Finally, Moon Beams Bar has coconut butter in it too! Coconut butter is great for people with sensitive skin and leaves you with moisturized skin without clogging the pores.  The Coconut butter works to fights wrinkles and helps you maintain young-looking skin

Our Moon Beams Bar Soap is truly worth trying, the experience of the soothing scent and moisturizing nature of this product of love will leave a memory long after the last sliver is done.


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