All Natural premium handcrafted, small batch luxury soaps. Crafted at the Thayer Forest in the USA.

  • Made with Loving Care.
  • No synthetic fragrances, only the finest essential oils used.
  • Made without, sls. Parabens, or sulfates.
  • All natural butters, oils and mica for colors and distilled water.
  • Simply moisturizing and nourishing
  • Made with all natural ingredients.

Cold-Processed – through my labor of love the soap keeps its nutritious value of oils in each bar. Nourishing to your skin like no other soap you have tried, once you try my soap your skin will be happy and moisturized.

I promise that my all natural soap bars maintain the finest quality and nourishing ingredients. I hand cut each bar myself and ensure that you get clean ingredients, clean production and fall in love with soap.

*Please note that each small batch is hand paddled.  No two batches look identical.  Same beneficial ingredients in each one, the colors do tend to be different from batch to batch.

My sugar scrubs are made with only sugar. Coconut oil, and essential oils. Sugar scrubs pamper your body with natural ingredients. Great choice to exfoliate, and smooth your skin to promote healthy, smooth and flawless skin.

"Delicious Delight" Bergamot Scented Soap